We believe that God has brought each and every one of us into community with one another and has equipped us for a specific function within that community. It is our desire to see everyone discover where they fit and enable them to live it out! Here is a list of some teams to get involved with and find your fit here at Breath of Life Church.


The Host Teams goal is to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that engages people right where they are and points them to Jesus. This includes welcoming people as they walk in the door, helping new families navigate around the church, answering questions, or anything else we can think of to create an atmosphere for thriving community. Listed below are the different areas in the Host Team. Please email to get involved!

Do you know everything about Breath of Life, what we believe, and why we do what we do? As a Greeter you get the opportunity to provide answers and resources to anyone with questions to connect them to a life in Christ!
More of a behind the scenes person? Not what you would call a people person? We still have a place for you! The Hospitality Team extends a personal touch by preparing and providing refreshments for everyone including meals after church and even refreshments for our guests.
More of a behind the scenes person? Not what you would call a people person? We still have a place for you! The Hospitality Team extends a personal touch by preparing and providing refreshments for everyone including meals after church and even refreshments for our guests.


There are many ways for you to get involved with the Media Team. The common misconception is that everything is far too technical so you can't do it. This is absolutely false! Yes, there are parts that are technical, but that's not everything. As long as you are comfortable on a computer, you have what it takes! Experience is helpful but not necessary. We will train you! For more information just email

Do you have steady hands and an attention span that would win a staring contest? Ever considered camera work? Here you get to provide everyone in the church with a great focused shot of the stage.
Each week we have new people visiting and checking out Breath of Life. Here you get the chance to help them connect! They will be able to engage because you are there to put up the lyrics and Scriptures throughout the morning.
Graphic designers, writers, artists and photographers are a great asset in the success of BOL. We have a big vision to be loud with our communication both inside and outside of the BOL walls. Come be a part of the team that makes everyone else look good!
Do you hear in different frequencies and know what all of it means? Bring those amazing ears to this team! Mixing audio for the theaters and the podcast is a very important role. Without you no one would hear the message of Jesus Christ!
Every week we have many people come to the Breath of Life website and to iTunes to watch, download or listen to the messages! We want to provide great opportunities for anyone to be able to hear the what God is doing through BOL. Here you will edit and post our podcasts to help us reach out to the world!


Our junior high and high school ministries are exciting places to be involved! From weekly youth meetings on Wednesday nights to monthly outings, new leaders are always welcome. Not only do we get to be crazy and have fun, but we have the opportunity to impact these students at a crucial time in their lives! For more information, email

At church, there should be a place for everyone. That's why we created Fresh Youth Church We can always use your help in showing our youth Christ and teaching them life long lessons.
Come help us as we engage our youth and tackle tough topic with the ultimate goal of leading them to the Kingdom.
Do you love music and love the youth? Then helping with the youth choir is the perfect place for you.


Jesus made it clear that kids were not to be overlooked when the adults came to hear Him. Psalm 145:4 says, "One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts." We have been given the privilege and responsibility of leading the next generation in faith! (Kings Kidz) is a growing and active place with lots of opportunities to be involved. Check out the areas below and come be a part of the fun and meaningful Sabbath mornings or during our other activities! For more information, contact us.[/toggle]

Toddlers love routine! They feel a sense of security and belonging when they come to a familiar place with familiar smiling faces and activities. So we follow a structered progression of activites each week including music, Bible story time, and a craft. If you are playful and have a lap that can hold a littler person or two, you will fit right in!
PreSchoolers are ENTHUSIASTIC! Ask a room full of four to six year olds to pray and every hand goes up! Here we have time for free play, music, "Cirlce Time" to introduce the Bible story and crafts. If you love to ask questions, get lots of hugs and help little hands with crafts, come on down.!
Are you shamelessly in love with Jesus? Work with our Elementary school group and be a shining light to lead kids to adore the God who loves us! Here you could do hand motions, lead a small group, plan a craft, run the DVD/projector or help kids with their prayer needs as all the kids gather together for energetic praise, connection time, a creative Bible lesson and worship moments for responding to God and committing their cares to Him in prayer.


If you are a great organizer and love to stir up excitement for group activities, this is for you! Here at BOL we love to do more than just Sabbath mornings. During these events we provide a place for everyone to have fun and interact!

Still looking for more? Click below to see even more areas to get involved at Breath of Life Church and helping connect people to life in Christ!

What do you do from here? Talk to us through one of four channels.
1. Fill out a contact card on Sabbath morning and let us know where you would like to serve.
2. Give us a call at the church offices during the week at 901.375.4023.
3. Email any of the people listed above or email our Office.
4. Hunt down anyone who looks like they know what they are doing and ask them for help!